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Accessories The Hunting Depot has a huge range of hunting accessories. Browse slings, backpacks, swivels and studs, shooting rests, hunting knives and blades, torches, ear and eye protection, ammunition holders and much more right here.

Stock Up on the latest hunting accessories at the Hunting Depot

Take your hunting game to the next level with the latest and greatest hunting accessories around. Upgrade your firearm setup with a tripod or another type of shooting rest from our durable, versatile and super adjustable range. Then carry your firearm in style and comfort with a padded sling.

Any good hunter should also have the right hunting pack to store and protect their gear from the elements. Our extensive selection of bags will be sure to suit your needs and allow you to store your hunting torches, ammunition, optics, mounting systems, hunting camera, food and other essentials with ease.

If you’re on the hunt for a good hunting knife, choose between one of our multi-tools, which include screwdrivers, a serrated blade, pliers and dozens of other functions, or one of our many quality foldback knives or trapping knives.

Other crucial hunting accessories for amateurs and professionals alike include ear and eye protection, ammunition holders and swivels and studs. No matter what hunting accessories you’re looking for, we stock some of the world’s most trusted brands, such as Grovtec, Klarus and Bear & Son.

Shop our stunning range of hunting accessories at the Hunting Depot now, and enjoy free shipping on all orders across Australia over $500. Or choose to Click and Collect from a store near you.

Ammunition With a wide range of different calibre centerfire ammunition, rimfire ammunition and air rifle pellets to choose from, stocking up on all your hunting rifle ammunition needs is simple at the Hunting Depot. Browse our extensive range today.

Your hunting ammunition needs sorted at the Hunting Depot

When it comes to hunting, the ammunition you use can make a big difference. Some ammunition is made with premium components to deliver lethal performance, while other ammunition is made to withstand certain elements and perform reliably under all conditions, like heat shield tips or copper alloy, corrosion-resistant, nickel-plated bullets.

Ensure clean, consistent shots every time with quality centerfire ammunition in a variety of calibres. Our .308 and .223 ammo range offers exceptional performance and is ever popular with hunters who like to challenge themselves shot after shot. Other calibres in our extensive centerfire ammunition range include .38, 9mm, .357 Magnum and .45.

Our rimfire ammunition is all about quality, consistency and reliability. Choose a 33gm load with a hollow point and enhanced velocity, a reliable and accurate 36gm load for the range, plinking or small game hunting, or a 40gm LHP subsonic bullet, an excellent choice for use in suppressed firearms.

Marksmen across Australia choose Hunting Depot for air rifle pellets too. No matter what type of ammunition you’re after, we are proud to stock leading hunting ammo brands, including Magtech, PMC Ammunition and BKL.

Shop ammunition at the Hunting Depot now and enjoy fast and free shipping when you spend $500 or more. Or click and collect your order from one of our many stores across Australia.

Drones C.R.Kennedy stocks a wide range of drones to suit the needs of all drone enthusiasts. From the latest consumer drones to professional and commercial drones, we have a range that will be able to cover all your photography and videography needs. To find your perfect drone, browse our drone collection now.

Fly In Style with the Drones from Hunting Depot

Shop the latest camera drones and UAVs for all needs and budgets at Hunting Depot. Our drones are great for aerial imaging, aerial surveillance, commercial or recreational flight, exploration, filmmaking, photography and much more.

Our selection of premium drones offer reliability and cutting-edge specs to satisfy all drone enthusiasts. Find sleek designs and compact yet powerful bodies, class leading flight times and virtually silent operation.

The DJI range is a prime example of these features. The Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 has a 20 megapixel camera capable of stabilized video and photography, and speeds of up to 72km/h. Many DJI drones, such as the Mavic 2 Pro, also have flight times well in excess of 30 minutes.

Shop for your perfect drone now! Browse our extensive range of drones, drone accessories, gimbals, spare parts and more at C.R.Kennedy and get free shipping on all orders across Australia, the option to Click and Collect, and a guaranteed manufacturer warranty.

Firearms Whether you’re on the hunt for an all-weather rifle or a powerful shotgun, take your hunting game to the next level with Hunting Depot’s extensive firearms collection. Scroll down to discover the latest air rifles, centerfire rifles, target rifles, tactical rifles, double rifles and shotguns.

Elevate your hunting with the finest firearms at the Hunting Depot

At the Hunting Depot, our range is packed with the most innovative and advanced hunting rifles and shotguns. So, no matter your hunting aptitude, our well balanced, beautifully designed and lightweight firearms will allow you to hit the mark every time.

Air rifles are what you want if you’re looking to hone in on some game without disturbing them. Available in .177, .20, .22, .25 or .45 calibre barrels, these popular air rifle models are super quiet, user-friendly and can be reloaded with ease. Consider a powerful .22/.25 HM1000x LRT RAW Airgun, the ultimate in long-range precision, or the lightweight, accurate Airforce .177 Talon, which suits many shooting applications.

If you’re looking for reliability, accuracy and beautiful craftsmanship, it’s hard to look past our range of centerfire rifles. These hunting rifles are able to withstand higher pressures, which give a bullet greater velocity and energy. The Sabatti Rover Bolt Action .222 Remington is an excellent example, delivering precise long-range shooting, even in extreme conditions, due to its durable barrels and superior manufacturing.

Our leading firearms range also includes a wealth of rimfire rifles, double rifles and shotguns, all from popular hunting brands like Airforce, Impala, RAW and Sabatti. And rest assured knowing that Hunting Depot only stocks genuine Australian stock, no grey imports. That’s one reason we’re considered Australia’s premier sellers of optics & hunting equipment.

Add to your hunting arsenal by browsing our range of firearms now

Optics If you’re an avid hunter, hiker, surveyor or outdoor enthusiast, you’ll love exploring our outdoor optics equipment. Our quality collection features high powered hunting binoculars and monoculars, ultra-precise rangefinders, spotting scopes and more. Take your optics to the next level at the Hunting Depot.

Trust the Hunting Depot for All Your Outdoor Optics Needs

When it comes to hunting or simply observing nature, there’s no substitute for good optics. Which is why we are proud to stock one of Australia’s leading selections of hunting monoculars, binoculars, rangefinders and spotting scopes.

Our latest hunting binoculars and monoculars are compact, lightweight and reliable. Within our diverse range, you’ll find binoculars for all occasions and professional-grade monoculars that combine multiple lenses to provide an unparallelled image quality.

From competition shooting to big game hunting, a quality rangefinder can make a big difference. And our pinpoint and ergonomic laser rangefinders provide fast and accurate distance and inclination measurements. They’re capable of measuring ranges to reflective targets to 1700 yards or a deer or other game up to 800 yards.

Our specialised spotting scopes are made for high performance within their lightweight body. User-friendly and capable of super quick sighting, and smooth and accurate focusing, they’re ideal for birding, surveillance, hunting, and viewing landscape, wildlife, astronomy, scoring targets and other distant objects.

Shop outdoor optics online at the Hunting Depot and get free shipping on all orders across Australia when you spend $500 or more, or choose Click and Collect to pick up your order from one of our many stores.

Rings & Mounts Good hunting rifles and scopes are only as good as the mounting system you connect them with. Make sure you complete your shooting system with our wide selection of quality rings, mounts and bases to suit your hunting needs. Shop the Hunting Depot now.

Mount your scope the right way with premium rings & mounts

A reliable, well mounted scope provides far greater confidence and accuracy, helping you save ammunition and leading to cleaner kills when hunting. That’s why it pays to invest in good quality rings, bases and mounts that will give you ultimate peace of mind.

The Hunting Depot stocks all popular scope mounting systems, including Weaver and Picatinny rail style mounting systems, which use their signature flat bases with crosswise recoil slots for the corresponding rings and scope. These fit together seamlessly to prevent movement from recoil.

We carry 30mm, 34mm, 35mm and 1” rings, as well as 3/8” dovetail rings, often used for .22 rifles or air guns, for all your different scopes. You may also wish to consider an adapter mount, such as a Dovetail to Weaver/Picatinny, which is designed for mounting rail mounted optics on 3/8” or 11mm dovetail platforms.

Hit your target with strong, sturdy and lightweight rings and mounts from our collection. Many of our products are precision machined with high quality materials like aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, and are available from leading brands like BKL, Leapers and TPS Rings.

At the Hunting Depot, we sell genuine Australian stock, no grey imports. That’s one reason we’re considered Australia’s premier sellers of optics & hunting equipment. Shop our wide range of rings and mounts now and enjoy fast and free shipping when you spend $500 or more.

Scopes Add accuracy and precision to your hunting or shooting with the powerful magnification, quick target acquisition and amazing versatility of our hunting scopes, red dot sights and target & tactical scopes. Explore our latest scopes range now at the Hunting Depot.

Improve your accuracy with scopes at the Hunting Depot

There are a host of rifle scopes to suit your needs depending on what you're shooting. Whether you're hunting larger game or making longer range small target shooting, you can find the scopes for your hunting or shooting needs right here.

Red dot sights place the target and reticle on nearly the same optical plane, giving you a single point of focus while aiming. Their fast target acquisition, ease of use and versatility make red dot sights a popular choice for all forms of hunting and shooting, especially for close and medium range distances.

The quality of a hunting scope can be as important, if not more so, than the rifle itself. After all, it’s easier to hit a target using a mediocre gun and a great rifle scope than a poor scope with a great rifle. Our range is packed with hunting scopes that are shock proof, fog proof, waterproof, and which use the latest technology for maximum image quality and accuracy in all light conditions.

We also stock incredibly high powered target and tactical scopes, which are sure to become a key essential in your hunting arsenal, giving you longer range, better accuracy and increased precision.

The Hunting Depot stocks leading brands like Athlon Optics, Minox, Vanguard and Vixen to best suit your preferences, and only genuine Australian stock, no grey imports. That’s one reason we’re considered Australia’s premier sellers of optics & hunting equipment. Shop scopes now and enjoy fast and free shipping when you spend $500 or more.