Vixen FORESTA II 10x42 DCF Roof Prism Binoculars

Vixen FORESTA II 10x42 DCF Roof Prism Binoculars

Equipped with ED lens! Outdoor type binoculars that are particular about the appearance and operability in the field
Brand: Vixen Code: VX14634
APN: 4955295146345   |    Supplier Code: 14634

ED lens that suppresses color fringing

ED glass (special low-dispersion glass) lens that exhibits extremely excellent optical performance is used for the objective lens. You can obtain a sharp image with chromatic aberration suppressed to the limit.

Bright and clear view with flat multi coat

The lens surface is coated with 7 or more layers of antireflection multilayer coating. It has less light loss than the three-layer multi-coating and provides an extremely bright field of view and excellent contrast.

Phase coat to prevent halation

The phase difference that occurs in the roof prism is corrected, halation is reduced, the resolution is dramatically improved, and excellent contrast is realized.

Wide field of view

A wide visual field (wide angle) of apparent field of view of 62.9° is maintained to achieve a pleasing look. It is useful not only for observing a wide space such as the starry sky, but also for live performances, watching sports, or observing small birds when chasing a moving subject.

High eye point specifications for easy viewing

High relief 16mm eye relief design. You can see the field of view without pressing the eyepiece strongly against your eyes, so your eyes will not get tired even after long-term observation. Not only the naked eye, but you can see a wide field of view while wearing glasses.

Twist up look

You can adjust the height by twisting the target with your hand. Even with naked eyes, you can see with the optimal eye point even if you wear glasses.

Smart open hinge design

It adopts an open hinge design with an empty central part. Since you can hang your fingers in the central space, it fits comfortably in your hand.

Waterproof design

Since it is a waterproof design filled with nitrogen gas, it can be used safely even outdoors where it is easily affected by rain or night dew.

magnification 10 times
Objective lens effective diameter 42mm (ED lens)
Prism type Roof prism
coating Flat multi coat, phase coat, highly reflective coat
Real field of view 7.0°
Apparent field of view 62.9° (old JIS standard 64.8°)
1000m vision 122m
Pupil diameter 4.2 mm
Brightness 17.6
Eye relief 16 mm
Close range About 3m
Pupil distance 57 ~ 78 mm
Waterproof waterproof
Tripod mounting Possible in combination with carrying bino holder (M)
Main accessories Soft case, neck strap
size 14.8 x 13.2 x 5.2 cm
weight 690g
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