Sabatti ST-18 Tactical 260 REM Ergal Chassis with adjustable stock

Sabatti ST-18 Tactical 260 REM Ergal Chassis with adjustable stock

  • Velocity is higher than with traditional rifling
  • Group concentration is substantially improved
  • Number of fliers is drastically reduced
  • Cleaning is less frequent and easier
  • Barrels are more durable
  • MRR Barrels
Brand: Sabatti Rifles Code: SABST18260
Supplier Code: SABST18260

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ST 18 the novelty of the 2019 catalog: new action, new stock, new design fot this stunning tactical rifle.

The ST 18 Tactical rifle is a weapon that has been designed for shooting in the polygon, long distance shootong races, dynamic and tactical shooting even for use hunting, therefore a very versatile weapon.


The new action is the result of a cooperation between SABATTI and the renown BCM, world leader in the production of competition rifles.

The two companies joined forces in 2017 and designed a brand new action with competition and tactical applications in mind. In other words, the bolt action of an ST-18 is not a hunting action adapted to sports, which is almost always the case with plenty of other products on the market today; it is a dedicated competition and tactical action hence much more accurate, durable and resistant than an action designed for hunters.

The new frame is machined from bars of high resistance steel alloy, heat treated for strength and durability. The 3 tenon locking bolt, designed to allow fast 60 degree opening, comes with an interchangeable handle with 5/16” thread.

Once machined, the bolt is heat treated for durability, ground and chrome-plated. The highly polished contact surfaces reduce friction and operational noise to the minimum, in a way that only very few top quality products can offer.

The high resistance steel used in magazine and bolt guarantees maximum surface resistance with a “strong” core thus eliminating the risks of deformation or fragility and breakage.

The frame/chassis fit has been carefully studied since, here at Sabatti, we know that many accuracy issues come from an inadequate fit of these two parts.

In order to avoid unnecessary fitting tensions and stresses, we at SABATTI have introduced a new, revolutionary fitting system where frame and chassis do not touch each other, but they are connected through a V-shaped piece which works also as a recoil lug, and a rear piece in the shape of a semicircular disk.

As a matter of fact, the action floats on the chassis thus eliminating all possible tensions. In order to further improve reliability and safety, we at SABATTI have introduced a new guillotine-type extraction system where the shell bottom is always supported.

When the locking bolt is closed, the extractor cannot move backwards when the bottom expands under the effect of pressure. This greatly improves safety. This new action minimizes (although it cannot fully eliminate) the damages that can be caused by shooting ammunition at uncontrolled pressures.


The new chassis is machined from a solid block of Ergal 55 on the most advanced CNC machines available.

It houses an AICS-compatible magazine, with an extremely functional release . The rear attachment of the stock is M4 compatible; the front houses the tubular forend.

In the front and rear portion of the inletting, one can see the slots for the steel supports of the magazine box described before. The chassis is the most distinctive feature of the ST-18: a rifle that stands out for its modern, refined and yet extremely functional design.

The SABATTI team of engineers and designers got it truly right when it comes to the looks and functionality of this rifle.

SABATTI has chosen to build the butt stock of the ST18 Tactical Rifle in PPS (Ryton), the best technopolymer available on the market today.

This polymer is heavily charged with metallic powders and is extremely durable, temperature stable and very pleasant to the touch. The SABATTI designers have studied the lines of the butt stock very carefully and achieved a stock that is comfortable and yet fast to mount.

The 4 quick connect inserts for the strap make this stock perfectly suitable for dynamic shooting competitions. The cheek piece adjustment is fast and intuitive. Each rifle comes with a spacer to adjust the LOP.

This system is quick to adjust, yet solid and makes transport very easy. Tubular forearm Cut and turned from an aluminum profile extrusion, the tubular forearm features a very modern and captivating look. It can also be fitted with all accessories on the market today thanks to several K-mode anchor points cut into the profile.


All barrels, available in either 510 mm or 610 mm with a diameter of 22 mm at the muzzle, feature the multi-radial rifling system (MRR®).

It is designed, engineered and made exclusively by Sabatti.

Multi-radial barrels replace standard rifling with two alternating radiuses that only slightly deform the bullet geometry, without cutting it, thus avoiding unnecessary stress to the bullet itself.

All the benefits this rifling system brings along are possible thanks to the very tight tolerances SABATTI can hold in their cold hammer forging process. Our very demanding shooters will be able to further improve the accuracy of the multi-radial barrels by using abrasive paste and pads to lap the bores, without running the risk of damaging the rifling edges.

Caliber 260 Rem
Twist 8 MRR®
Barrel Length 510mm - 610mm
Muzzle Diameter 0.86 inch / 2.2 cm
Length of Pull 14 inch / 36 cm
Overall Length 46.45 inch / 118 cm
Average Weight 3.4 kg / 7.5 lbs
Trigger Group - Trigger Weight 1.1 kg / 2.44 lbs
Magazine Number of Rounds Fix - 5
Muzzle Brake 0.6 inch / 1.7 cm
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