Vixen Atera H 10x21 Stabilised Binoculars

Vixen Atera H 10x21 Stabilised Binoculars

Brand: Vixen Code: VX11498
APN: 4955295114986   |    Supplier Code: 11498

Equipped with anti-vibration mechanism! Stable image that does not bother camera shake

The appeal of binoculars is that you can easily look through them with your hands, but sometimes you cannot see what you want to see due to camera shake. This is especially noticeable at high magnification. The Atera H10 × 21 is equipped with a camera shake correction mechanism using a 2-axis gimbal control vibration isolation mechanism. A stable field of view can be obtained due to the powerful correction effect of anti-vibration correction angle ± 3 degrees (up / down / left / right). Since it also suppresses minute vibrations, it is effective for observing details such as the brilliance of bird's eyes and the pattern of feathers. Also, when observing stars, you can observe stars that are about 1 magnitude darker than usual, which cannot be seen well if there is blurring.

The second generation that has become even lighter. Ultra-lightweight design that can be easily handled with one hand

We succeeded in significantly reducing the weight by 64g compared to the lightest class H12 × 30, and achieved the world's smallest 130 × 107 × 63mm and lightest 358g as binoculars equipped with anti-vibration mechanism! *. You can use it more comfortably without getting your hands tired even if you use it for a long time. * For binoculars equipped with anti-vibration mechanism (batteries not included). According to our research in October 2019.

12 hours of stamina on AAA batteries

Two AAA batteries are used as the power source. It is easy to obtain regardless of the area, so it is safe for field observations and live performances in remote areas. Moreover, the stamina design has an operating time of about 12 hours. You can concentrate on observation without worrying about battery consumption. (Uses new alkaline batteries. At 20 ° C). Equipped with an auto power off function that automatically turns off the power after 5 minutes. Prevents unnecessary battery consumption.

Clear and clear view with 3 coats

Uses a fully multi-coat with an anti-reflection multilayer coating on the entire lens surface. The prism uses a phase coat that reduces halation and dramatically increases the resolution, and a highly reflective coat that increases the brightness of the image. The three coats thoroughly eliminate stray light and light loss, providing a clear and extremely clear view.

Simple design and fashionability

A simple and smooth form that is gentle on the hands, despite being a full-fledged mechanism equipped with an anti-vibration mechanism. You can choose from two types of colors to suit your purpose.Black - glossy piano black finish shine. Produces an elegant and stylish image. White - clean full of white glossy finish. The refreshing and elegant luster creates a casual fashion.

Mini tote included

A mini tote bag type case (with shoulder strap) is standard. With a drawstring purse, the entire strap that tends to get in the way can be stored. It fits neatly in the bag.

The second generation that is even lighter! You can even see your emotions! Live binoculars. 10 times

The world's smallest and lightest binoculars equipped with a camera shake correction mechanism! A stable field of view can be obtained even with a handheld due to the powerful blur correction effect. You can observe the details such as the brilliance of the bird's eyes and the pattern of the feathers, and you can enjoy the live feeling as if you were watching it nearby.

magnification 10 times
Effective diameter of objective lens 21mm
Prism material BK7 (Dach prism) / BaK4 (Auxiliary prism)
coating Fully multi-coat, phase (phase difference) coat, high-reflection coat * 1
Real field of view 4.8 degrees
Apparent visibility 45.5 degrees
1000m forward visibility 84m
Hitomi diameter 2.1mm
Brightness 4.4
Eye relief 16mm
Close range About 3m
Ganpuku 55-75mm
Anti-vibration mechanism Equipped with 2-axis gimbal control system Vibration Canceller. With auto power off function (about 5 minutes)
Anti-vibration correction angle About ± 3 degrees
Battery / continuous operation time AAA batteries x 2, about 12 hours (using AAA alkaline batteries (new), 20 ° C)
Waterproof Nothing
size 13.0 x 10.7 x 6.3 cm
weight 358g (without batteries)
Tripod mounting Impossible
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